Reporting on France’s “Burqa Ban,” One Year Later

Last April, France enacted the “burqa ban,” which prohibits women from wearing full face veils. France is home to an estimated 5 million Muslims, many who emigrated from Northern Africa. Thousands of Muslim women wear the niqab, the traditional Islamic face veil, and though the numbers are not documented, it is believed that most of these women continue to wear the niqab even after the law was enacted. For many, this has meant becoming prisoners in their homes. If they venture outside or enter large cities, they may be subject to fines or arrest. And in many cases, women in face veils are harassed on the streets. I will be traveling to France to report on the impact of the law one year. Follow my progress on Storify and twitter.

[View the story “Views in France on the “Burqa Ban” on Storify]


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